“Roommate” Head to Japan to Play in the Water

SBS’s variety show “Good Sunday – Roommate’s” official flower boy clique “F4″ (Shin Sung Woo, Lee Dong Wook, Park Min Woo and Seo Kang Jun) went on a vacation to Japan’s famous hot springs. The vacation will be the subject of the upcoming August 10 broadcast of “Roommate.”

At the hot springs, Lee Dong Wook proposed dividing the members into “Old Boy” and “Young Boy” teams so that they could compete against each other in games. Shin Sung Woo, as the cast’s most senior member, naturally and humorously assumed command of the “Old Boy Team.”

Park Min Woo, captain of the “Young Boy Team,” suggested a game where the members try and provoke each other to laughter. Those who smile first are then doused with water. For example, Lee Dong Wook taunted Seo Kang Jun by saying “Laugh for me, smile boy!” Seo Kang Jun’s wide smile as he was soaked with water provoked laughter from the rest of the cast and crew.

Song Ga Yeon, the only female member of the show to use the coed hot spring baths, couldn’t conceal her embarrassment over the high bill the cast racked up at the hot springs. “Please excuse us for using so much money,” she said.

“Roommate” airs every Sunday at 4:10 PM.