Go Jun Hee Launches a Tumblr Blog to Show Her Creative Side

 On August 7, model/actress Go Jun Hee uploaded these stylish photos onto her Tumblr blog. 

She wears a black tight fit crocheted bustier matched with a silver metallic fabric skinny jean. Her black chunky ankle boots are made with thick patented leather and lined with gold metal accents. She kept her accessories simple and classic to balance out her loud outfit pieces. Go Jun Hee’s rocker-chic look is laced with an edge of sexy and futuristic elements.

It has been confirmed that since earlier this year, Go Jun Hee has been collaborating with close friends who are creative directors. Her creative friends go by the name ‘Instant Coop’ and have been operating with her exhibitions on her Tumblr blog. They will continue to post never-before-seen sides to Go Jun Hee, along with unique post that convey emotions. Check out here blog by clicking here.

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