Clara’s Recent Personal Photos at the Beach

Clara recently uploaded multiple photos that she took at the beach onto her SNS account on August 6. These softened black and white photos revealed Clara’s sexy yet innocent side, as she posed at the shore, and soaked up the waves in an over-sized white dress shirt.


Currently, Clara is part of the cast for the SBS variety program Fashion King Korea 2,” which will be airing August 16She also recently announced on her Facebook the news, “For my first single album release, I am working on a hip hop track. It is called ‘Fear’, featuring [rapper] Yasu. I will also be rapping in the song!”

For the past three months, Clara was on set filming for an upcoming movie, “Working Girl,” where she closely plays alongside starring actress Jo Yeo Jeong. The movie “Working Girl” is a (19+) comedy about the promising prospects of a Toy Factory worker, Bohui (Jo Yeo Jeong).