Yoo In Na and Nam Goong Min Will Showcase a Different Kind of Love for

Yoo In Na and Nam Goong Min of My Secret Hotel plan to display a different thrill with their hotel romance.

“My Secret Hotel” is the new murder romance on tvN, depicting a story of an unprecedented murder case and a complicated wedding ceremony between Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) and Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han). The drama mixes the romantic comedy and mystery genres, planning to display sweetness and thrills at the same time.

In the drama, Nam Goong Min appears as this generation’s elite gentleman and a hotel management director that is gentle and impartial in every matter. He is the direct supervisor to Yoo In Na, and forms a love triangle with Lee Young Eun. As Nam Goong Min gets entangled with the unprecedented murder case, he’ll become a key character in the story’s mystery.

Yoo In Na and Nam Goong Min will be depicting a different kind of hotel romance, as they play the roles of underling and superior, respectively, in the workplace. Using a hotel as the background of the story gives the feeling that more special events and romance will occur, and there is more attention being paid to Yoo In Na and Nam Goong Min’s romance. At “The Secret Hotel” in the drama, there’s much more happening than the murder case. The two share and solve many problems together, so while displaying their relationship between senior and junior, at times they appear as siblings and other times they are displaying a fresh romance.

Meanwhile, “My Secret Hotel” follows “High School King of Savvy” and premieres on August 18.



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