Actress Song Sun Mi Reveals Secret Behind Her Controversial Breastfeeding Scene

Actress Song Sun Mi explained what really happened during her breastfeeding scene in the JTBC historical drama “Cruel Palace – War of Flowers,” which had been under a bit of controversy after it was broadcast last year.

On the August 10 episode of SBS’ “Did You Eat?” Song Sun Mi appeared as a guest on the show, and was shown cooking, using representative ingredients found at Jirisan (Jiri Mountain), along with MC Lee Young Ja.

During the broadcast, the actress revealed a secret behind the breastfeeding scene she filmed in the past, as it had received a lot of attention at the time of its airing due to how real it had looked to viewers.

She explained, “The breastfeeding scene became a hot topic because it appeared in a historical drama, but I didn’t know it would be so controversial. It was supposed to be a sad scene portraying [a mother] breastfeeding her son for the last time before leaving. For the close-up shot of the scene, it was actually the child actor’s real mother breastfeeding. The baby wouldn’t take anyone else’s milk,” causing laughter.  

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