Actor Sung Dong Il Brags about His Son, Sung Joon, on “Dad, Where Are We Going?”

On the episode of MBC’s “Dad, Where Are We Going?” that aired on August 10, actor Sung Dong Il‘s son, Sung Joon, displayed his “mother’s friend’s son” appearance, a term used to describe a “perfect” son that a parent would compare his or her own kids to.

Sung Dong Il was very pleased as he stated, “Recently Joon has been scoring 100s on his final exams. When I asked him what he wanted for a present, he asked me to buy a book.” Joon, who had heard what his dad said, dove back into his book as if the praise was nothing and only cracked a smile.

On this day, Sung Dong Il was working on his bucket list, and one of the items was to dress his daughter Sung Bin up in a pretty manner. Later, Sung Dong Il went to a beauty parlor with his daughter.

Today’s broadcast was an episode about the fathers’ bucket lists in which they granted their children’s wishes.