Sunny Hill Releases a Suggestive Teaser for “Sunny Blues”

Girl group Sunny Hill released a new teaser image for their upcoming album “Sunny Blues!” 

The four-member girl group, which used to be a co-ed group before their sole male member Janghyun left, is gearing up to release their very first full-length album. The first part of this album, “Part A. Sunny Blues” will be officially released on August 21. 

Prior to the release, the girls have released a suggestive teaser image that shows the members of Sunny Hill in business clothes, with only half of their face showing. The image was released via their official Facebook page. 

In July, they also released a pre-release track and a music video called “Once in Summer.” 

It has yet to be announced what Sunny Hill’s official title track for their album will be.