Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Joins Instagram and Shares Vacation Photos

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In has joined the wonderful world of Instagram!

The singer launched her account on August 10 by uploading a black-and-white photo of herself, accompanied by a hashtag saying, “What, how do I do this?” 

In under 24 hours, she has shared nine photos through her new SNS, with all snapshots having an alluring and chic feel to them. In some of the latest pictures, Ga In is enjoying her free time by taking a dip in the pool and having fun at the beach.

Seems like the idol is recharging her batteries to prepare for Brown Eyed Girls’ upcoming comeback, which is expected to take place sometime this winter. The group released their first best-of album titled “Special Moments” on August 8.

Check out Ga In’s Instagram here!