Boys Republic Member Su Woong Forgives

An estimated 63 idol groups made their debut in 2013. One of those groups is Boys Republic, a five-member boy group who made their debut through the song, “Party Rock.” With idol groups making their debut left and right, it can be hard to keep track of all the group names (and each of the group’s members!) and this is something that was proven yet again in the recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert.”

At the “Mental Cap” corner of KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert” episode aired on August 10, the comedians on stage showed a photo of Boys Republic’s Su Woong but the boy group member was mistakenly identified as the other Boys Republic member, Min Su.

On this episode, gag man Lee Sang Hoon asked “Mental Teacher” Park Sung Gwang if he can name all the EXO members. The two had to select which are the EXO members among the photos of other idol group members that they showed.

During the part where the two comedians brought up photos of Boys Republic member Su Woong and BTS member Jin, the main point of their gag was to say that those members are not EXO members. But little did the two comedians know, not only is the Boys Republic member shown on the photo not an EXO member, he also is not the “Min Su” they’re talking about as it was actually “Su Woong,” the youngest Boys Republic member, on the photo.

After the broadcast, Boys Republic member Su Woong posted on their official Twitter account, “Hello. I am not Min Soo hyung, I am Boys Republic’s maknae, Soo Woong. I will try harder.”

One of the “Gag Concert” comedians, Park Sung Gwang saw the tweet and re-tweeted it, adding: “Su Woong, please forgive my junior’s mistake. We will remember this chance. Soo Woong, Soo Woong, what a nice name,” asking for forgiveness from the idol group member.

Su Woong then replied, “It’s okay. I will work harder in the future. Please remember (my name.) Thank you,” receiving the apology of Park Sung Gwang.

While there are many ways to make ones’ name remembered in the cutthroat K-pop industry, be it by making record breaking feats, showing exceptional performances, or selling a lot of records, the good old fashion way of being respectful and doing good is one sure way to make it to the hearts of people and it goes true not only in the entertainment industry but in life as well.

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