K-Pop Producer Brave Brothers: “Web Rumors Made me Demolish a Building”

Hit producer Brave Brothers (real name Kang Hong Chul), has told SBS talk show “Magic Eye” that he demolished a building due to a misunderstanding about his financial status.

The producer, famous for penning hits for groups such as SISTAR, After School, BIGBANG and AOA, told the show that the confusion began when he posted a picture to a social networking site, KakaoTalk. The picture showed a new building project he had commissioned, and was accompanied by the caption, “I’m really tired. It’s time for a new start.”

The post sparked confusion, and web users began to speculate that the producer was in dire financial trouble. The rumors soon picked up speed on the net, and some users began posting messages such as, “Brave Brothers is deep in debt.”

In a fit of anger, the hit-maker decided to destroy the building and start its construction again from scratch. He then posted a picture of his wrecking handiwork with the caption, “I feel much better now. I will construct a new building.”

Brave Brothers also operates his own talent agency, which is home to groups such as Brave Girls and Electroboyz.