Seo In Gook Picks the Kiss Scenes as the Best Scenes in “High School King”

Actor and singer Seo In Gook picked his kiss scenes as the best scenes of his recently completed drama “High School King.

During the special commentary episode that aired on August 12 after the finale of the tvN drama, Seo In Gook had an interview talking about his experiences filming the series.

When asked which scenes from the drama he thought were the best, he picked his two kiss scenes with Lee Hana, commenting on how these scenes can’t be found in any other dramas. 

The kiss scene he refers to are the “pull-up bar kiss scene” and the “cast kiss scene,” both of which caused quite a stir among viewers for their uniquely romantic element when they aired. 

“High School King” concluded on August 11 with 17 episodes. 

Watch the iconic “pull-up bar kiss scene” below!