G-Dragon and Pharrell Williams Snap a Photo Together

G-Dragon recently released a photo taken with the multi-talented American artist, Pharrell Williams! Although this is not the first time they have taken a photo together, it is always good to see talented artists hanging out.

On August 13, G-Dragon posted the photo on his Instagram, with the words, “Always giving me inspiration. Thank you.” The black and white photo is comical, as their expressions contradict each other. G-dragon scrunches up his face, while Pharrell Williams is expressionless, as both hold up peace signs.

In other news, G-Dragon will be participating in the “AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014” in Seoul, along with the other members of the YG Family on August 15. You can read more about it here.

Who is hoping for the collaboration to take place already?!

See the adorable photo below!

gdragon and pharrell