Ga In Asks Her Fans to Check Her Photoshopped Instagram Photo

It’s always good to be honest, even if it means revealing that you photoshop your Instagram photos.

On July 13, Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In shared a photo on her Instagram account and wrote, “If I share something like this, do the fans get mad? I photoshopped this photo through PhotoWonder. Can someone check if the tiles look skewed?”

In the photo, Ga In is wearing a very flattering strapless bathing suit with sunglasses and a hat. It looks like she is at a resort or near a pool with the beach towel she is sitting on. Her waist does look small, but if Ga In hadn’t mentioned the photoshop in her comments, it would be hard to tell. 

ga in

Netizens and her fans appreciated her sense of humor and left positive comments about how cute Ga In was.