Seo Tai Ji's Camp Sheds Light on Lee Ji Ah's Claims Regarding Former Marriage

Seo Tai Ji of legendary Korean pop group Seo Tai Ji and the Boys has finally revealed his thoughts regarding his former secret marriage with actress Lee Ji Ah.

The singer aired his side through a statement released by his agency, Seo Tai Ji Company, on August 13. “I first met her (Lee Ji Ah) in 1993 but we did not get into a relationship nor live together at that time. (During our married life) we have gone to both sides’ parents, families, relatives, and friends and lived an ordinary life while shopping and traveling,” said the official statement made by Seo Tai Ji.

“There were untruthful statements made regarding Seo Tai Ji in the broadcast of a show on August 11. With this, various rumors are spreading and we want to come out with the truth,” followed Seo Tai Ji Company, explaining the reason for their official statement release.

The company further explained and emphasized that during the time of the two celebrities’ secret marriage, they acted like normal couples who went to each parents, formally got their permission, and proceeded to dating.

“Seo Tai Ji first met Lee Ji Ah through the actress’ sister’s friend in 1993 and at that time, they didn’t get married nor live together. Three years after, Seo Tai Ji retired from the entertainment industry and went to the United States, the good feelings were developed and in October 1997, they registered their marriage when she was at the right age,” said the statement.

“Also, during the time of their stay in the United States, their parents and families, relatives, and each of their friends got to spend time with them through their invitation. The two only agreed not to have a press conference but a lot of people knew about their relationship or that they were married. As for the regretful reason for the other party not being able to contact with her parents, only the other party (Lee Ji Ah) can answer that,” continued Seo Tai Ji Company.

The company further emphasized that after the two were married for two years and seven months, they got separated and since they didn’t have a de facto marriage after that, the two came to an agreement to divorce in 2006.

Seo Tai Ji Company also shed light on the married life of the two. “The two traveled, shopped, and dined out while living in the United States. The biggest reason for the two living in the US was that it was a place where they can live a free life. They lived a normal life while traveling together to various places.”

“For Seo Tai Ji, the life he lived in the United States was a thing of the past and he also has painful memories that he cannot erase. We also respect the other party’s pain. Seo Tai Ji has been quiet about his past with the other party because he had big responsibility for that time. We hope there won’t be any future incidents wherein the truth will be distorted and the story will be one-sided,” Seo Tai Ji Company said in its closing statement.

Lee Ji Ah’s company, HB Entertainment, made a comment regarding the statement through an interview with “We also heard about Seo Tai Ji’s statement through the articles. We are currently discussing whether we will take action or not.”

“We are careful because of an extremely personal part (that was said in the statement.) We will air our side regarding the part where we feel we have to react to at a later time,” added HB Entertainment.

On the August 11 episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” Lee Ji Ah opened up about her former secret marriage with veteran singer Seo Tai Ji. The actress mentioned that she cut ties with her family for seven years while she was married to Seo Tai Ji, claiming that the “abnormal life” she lived was what the singer wanted for the both of them.

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