SISTAR and 4Minute to Appear on MBC’s “Star Gazing” with International Fans

Girl groups SISTAR and 4Minute will be comparing the scopes of their overseas popularity on an upcoming episode of MBC’s variety show “Star Gazing.”

According to a source in the industry, the two leading girl groups participated in filming the show on August 12.

For this special episode, the girls were joined by a number of their international fans as well as foreign stars residing in Korea. Some of the familiar faces include model Fabian and TV personality Robert Holley.

To find out what overseas fans consider to be the unique charms of SISTAR and 4Minute, the producers asked the international participants to share their opinions on the topic. It has been said that the fans surprised everyone with their honest and passionate answers, making the episode particularly entertaining.

The episode is scheduled to air on August 21 at 11:15PM (KST).