[Recap] Top 10 of Our Favorite Moments From KCON 2014's

K-Pop was in the center of attention this weekend in Los Angeles for the third annual KCON convention, the largest gathering of “All Things Hallyu” in the US. Of course, the weekend could not end without performances from an amazing lineup of everyone’s favorite artists, a roster list spanning from KCON veteran G-Dragon to crowd-pleasing newcomer BTS.

In honor of the ten spectacular performers that rocked the stage for two nights on August 9 and August 10, flip through the gallery (in no particular order) for our top ten favorite moments from this year’s “M! Countdown Two Nights in LA” concert, featuring Girls’ Generation, G-Dragon, CNBLUE, IU, VIXX, Teen Top, B1A4, BTS, Jung Joon Young, and SPICA!


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1) IU Speaking English is Just About the Most Adorable Thing Ever

IU 1

The popular solo cutie-pie was modest about her awesome English, humbly revealing in an introduction to her fans, “Actually, I’m not good at English, so I’ll keep this short.” Watch the fancam clip below – it’s just too cute!


IU 3

IU also had a special stage for her song “Friday” and was joined on stage by Teen Top’s Niel.

IU 2

Of course, the singer/actress closed out her set with one of the biggest hit songs of recent past: “Good Day.

Set list:

  • Red Shoes
  • You & I
  • Friday
  • Hey
  • Good Day

2) Jung Joon Young Busts Out the Michael Jackson Moves for “Black or White”

2014Kcon 2 정준영 (3)

As a rockstar, Jung Joon Young is known more for his compositions than for his dance moves, which was why fans were pleasantly surprised when the singer donned black shades and struck a pose, as the beginning bars of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” burst out of the speakers.

The moment was made better, of course, when BTS’ Rap Monster joined in on the MJ tribute, sporting a slick white suit while perfectly completing the rap section of the song. As expected, fans went crazy at this surprising collaboration.

2014Kcon 2 정준영 (1)



  • The Sense of an Ending
  • Hold On
  • From Me to Me
  • Teenager
  • Black or White (cover)

3) Girls’ Generation Gives a Heart-warming Performance of Debut Song “Into the New World”

소녀시대 (1)

Moments before their much anticipated return to an U.S. stage, the ladies of Girls’ Generation has piqued the interest of every fan in the audience, rousing ear-shattering screams that could be heard echoing through the venue. Their popularity and status as one of the icons of K-Pop did not go unnoticed; even the fans that came out to support other groups were equally excited for a live performance of Girls’ Generation’s classic hits, including “Gee” and “Genie (Tell Me Your Wish).”

소녀시대 (9)

The girls, however, did fans one better. After commanding the audiences’ attention, the members combined their harmonic voices to give a showstopping acapella rendition of their debut track “Into the New World.” The night ended on a perfect note: by the time the members rotated to their last song of the night (and of the KCON convention), every fan in the audience was singing along to “Gee’s” catchy refrain.



  • Mr. Mr.
  • Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)
  • Hoot
  • Mr. Taxi
  • Gee

소녀시대 (8)

4) B1A4 Cools Down the Audience


If you have ever been in the standing floor section at a concert, then you would know how hot and crowded it gets with many fans trying to get as close as possible.  


Fortunately for those fans, B1A4 has their back! Towards the end of the boys’ setlist, the members of B1A4 each grabbed a weapon of choice, personally and playfully spraying fans with water guns and water bottles.

Don’t you wish Baro was aiming that at you?




  • What’s Happening
  • Lonely
  • Solo Day  
  • A Glass of Water
  • Baby Goodnight

5) Teen Top is Seriously “Crazy” Synchronized


As Teen Top’s fans Angels would know, Teen Top’s dance moves are nothing to be messed with. The boys, hot off the trail of practicing like “Crazy” for their High Kick world tour earlier this year, is better than ever at performing all of their hits.

For those who haven’t seen the boys perform live, we’re happy to report that Teen Top is just as synchronized in every step of every move in real life as in their music videos. Even their jumps are perfectly timed to a T, with every member actually lifting their feet off the ground at almost the exact millisecond. Believe us, we checked. In slow motion.




  • Rocking
  • Miss Right
  • To You
  • Crazy
  • Rock Star

6) SPICA Shows Off First Live Performance of US Debut Track “I Did It”

2014Kcon 스피카 (5)

Having just released their U.S. debut track “I Did It” a few days before the event, KCON was SPICA’s first opportunity to show off their first English single.

2014Kcon 스피카 (4)

SPICA, of course, did not disappoint. With their power vocals and catchy setlist, SPICA set out to wow the audience. For good measure, the ladies also tossed in two covers for good measure, perfectly infusing their own styles in an original take of “No Diggity” and “Thank You.”

2014Kcon 스피카 (9)



  • You Don’t Love Me
  • No Diggity (cover)
  • Thank You (cover)
  • I Did It
  • Painkiller
  • Tonight

7) G-Dragon Being G-Dragon


The BIGBANG leader failed to show any sign of fatigue as he energetically jumping and running through the four-pointed stage to connect with fans throughout his entire five-song setlist. As expected, G-Dragon rocked the house with his incredible stage presence, living up to his symbol as one of the most iconic leaders of the industry.


The title just about sums it all up.



  • One of a Kind
  • MichiGO
  • Who You?
  • Crooked
  • Crayon

8) VIXX Wins Over Fans By Performing Underrated Tracks “Light Up the Darkness” and “Only U”


VIXX Starlights at KCON got a lovely surprise when the group chose to perform “Light Up the Darkness” and “Only U,” two of the group’s more underrated tracks.


Fans got a first-hand glimpse at a rare live version of “Light Up the Darkness,” a song in which the members had a hand in producing, with member Ravi writing the lyrics and member N choreographing the dance routine.

However, it’s a mystery why VIXX opted for those two instead of popular hits “Hyde” and “G.R.8.U,” both fan favorites at their U.S. tour last year.

2014Kcon 공연 vixx_0002


  • Voodoo Doll
  • Light Up the Darkness
  • Only U
  • Eternity
  • On & On

9) BTS Creates an Explosive Start to the Second Night of M! Countdown 

2014Kcon BTS_0001

Despite being the maknae group of the entire lineup, BTS was definitely not a rookie act. The Bangtan Boys showed off great charisma during their performances, perfectly fulfilling their role as a power opener.

2014Kcon BTS_0002

The group was also one of the most highly anticipated groups of the entire lineup, with their fans waiting hours under the hot LA sun to grab a spot with the best view.

2014Kcon BTS_0009


  • Boy in Luv
  • No More Dreams
  • We Are Bulletproof Part 2
  • I Like It
  • Attack on Bangtan

10) CNBLUE Drops Flawless Rendering of the Band’s Iconic Hits, Has Crowd Singing Along

2014kcon CNBLUE (14)

CNBLUE, who performed the majority of their title tracks and iconic hits, was pitch perfect through the band’s five-track setlist, with frontman Yonghwa actively engaging the audience at every turn. Within minutes, he has the crowd memorized and singing along to the catchy refrain in every song, be it “Love’s” catchy “Love Love Love” chant, or the “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry” melody in the song of the same name. 

2014kcon CNBLUE (7)


  • Can’t Stop
  • Intuition
  • I’m a Loner
  • Love
  • I’m Sorry

Where you at KCON 2014? What was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments section below!

All images credit to CJ E&M

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