Singer-Songwriter Esna Debuts With “I, I Love You”

Singer-songwriter Esna is finally making her debut! The mind behind Soyu and Junggigo’s “Some,” Wheesung and Gummy’s “Special Love,” and Mad Clown and Hyorin’s “Without You,” Esna has written some popular hits in a short amount of time. She said, “’Special Love’ was my first song as a composer that hit number one on the charts. It really stayed with me, and I’m so thankful. I had to keep checking my name on the credits; I couldn’t believe it. When ‘Some’ hit the top of the charts, I thought something had gone wrong.”

“’Some’ was a song that I wrote really comfortably. It wasn’t a hard song. Our company director was at the piano, and I was lying on the sofa, and the song just came out.”

Finally Esna has come out with a song of her own called “I, I Love You,” also self-composed. She personally directed the recording, played the piano, and sang the chorus for the song, as well, putting her musical talent on display.

Check out Esna’s debut music video below! With no flourishes or fanfare, her music and voice is the focus.