Rain Fantasizes About Food: “I Want to Feel What It’s Like to Chew”

World star Rain, who is known for his luxurious body, revealed his hidden fantasies about food.

On August 13, Rain wrote on his Twitter, “I’m hungry… I really really want to feel what it’s like to chew. I want my tongue to feel like its ripping apart from the spiciness. The happiness of eating, happiness you can feel. I want to eat something so salty you have to drink water. I want to feel. I want to take acid reflux medication. I want to forget my goal. Why do I have so much greed for food.” His monologue was made complete with a photo of Ddukbokki, spicy rice cakes.

Rain was recently cast in the SBS drama “My Lovely Girl,” which is set to air after “It’s Okay It’s Love.” The drama is a fantasy-romance, and it will center around South Korea’s greatest entertainment company. It is expected to make a premiere on September 17.