Royal Pirates Releases a Busking Video of “Seoul Hillibilly”

Rock band Royal Pirates released a cute promotional video of their latest single “Seoul Hillybilly” to their official Youtube page on August 13. 

In the video, the three-member group can be seen performing their new single around Seoul. The band has had a Seoul busking series, where they go around Seoul and perform their music in public areas. 

Royal Pirates recently released their third digital single, “Seoul Hillybilly,” on August 14. 

Royal Pirates officially debuted in 2013 with “Shout Out.” Previously, they were a Youtube sensation, as their cover videos of pop songs were very popular on the video sharing channel.

Currently, the bassist of Royal Pirates, James Lee, is a regular cast of variety show “Law of the City.” 

Check out the promo video for “Seoul Hillybilly” below!