Kim Tae Woo: ‘Megan Lee’s g.o.d Album Cameo Was Not Promotional”

g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo has responded to accusations that the group’s recent collaborations with singer Megan Lee were made in attempt to promote the female star. Megan Lee is signed to Soul Shop Entertainment, an agency run by Kim Tae Woo.

The g.o.d star was speaking on the August 14 edition of Mnet show “Dirty Talk,” along with other singing stars who have now turned their hands to producing and promoting younger talent. Megan Lee also appeared on the program.

Megan Lee

During the show, the g.o.d star was asked if he had “promoted Megan Lee on purpose” though the “Chapter 8” album.

Kim Tae Woo explained, “When g.o.d were recording our recent album, we realized that we needed a youthful sounding voice on the lead single [“The Story of Our Lives“], so I suggested Megan Lee. If the other members had not been in favor, I would have looked for another singer. We recorded a demo, and everyone really liked it.”

He also said that the short track, “Ahjussi and Megan Lee,” a spoken-word interlude that is also included on the album, began as a lighthearted studio joke, but g.o.d eventually decided to include it on the album.