Hong Suk Chun Gets in the Middle of Hong Jong Hyun-Yura Couple on “We Got Married”

Entertainer Hong Suk Chun got in the middle of the Hong Jong HyunYura couple on the most recent episode of MBC’s variety show “We Got Married,” and revealed some information about model-actor Hong Jong Hyun’s past.

During the August 16 broadcast, cameras followed Hong Jong Hyun and his virtual wife, Girl’s Day member Yura, as they stopped by for a visit to Hong Suk Chun’s much talked about restaurant.

Before arriving at the restaurant, Hong Jong Hyun had suggested to Yura that they go to a restaurant owned by a close ‘hyung’ that he knows, to which the Girl’s Day member agreed.

The couple was enjoying their meal when the restaurant owner joined them and began asking the two about their relationship. When Hong Suk Chun asked Yura how her relationship is with her virtual husband, she answered, “[He] treats me well.” Then, Hong Suk Chun teasingly said, “[Hong Jong Hyun], you’ve changed a lot after meeting many girls,” causing laughter.

After hearing this, Yura became curious and asked, “Then how many girls has [he] met?” and Hong Suk Chun replied, “From what I know, there’s been quite a few. My mouth is itching to say more.”

You can catch more of their interaction on this week’s episode of “We Got Married” if you haven’t already! 
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