SHINee Members Show Support for Fellow Member Taemin’s Solo Promotions

SHINee members recently gathered together in order to show their support for fellow group member Taemin’s promotions with his solo debut track “Danger.”

On August 17, member Jonghyun humorously proved to be a huge fan of Taemin, as he posted on his personal Twitter account: “Taemin-fans (tremble tremble tremble). The president of the fan club is even standing on the right side of Taemin-god (tremble tremble tremble). So lucky (tremble tremble tremble).”

Along with this amusing and hilarious expression of his love for Taemin—referring to himself as the fan club president—Jonghyun revealed a picture of four of the SHINee members surrounding the solo artist.

In the uploaded photo, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Minho can be seen posing together for a friendly snapshot. They are drawing attention for their handsome looks, as well as their close friendship.

In addition to this latest tweet, Jonghyun’s past few tweets have all been written in support for Taemin’s solo promotions— even posting his teaser images and music video, and asking fans to show a lot of love for his fellow group member.