Lee Da Hae Gets Jealous Over the Female Cast of “Roommate” in Front of Lee Dong Wook

Actress Lee Da Hae has expressed her honest thoughts on SBS’ reality show “Roommate.”

On the August 17 broadcast of the show, viewers could see actor Lee Dong Wook attend the ending party of his latest drama “Hotel King.” He was joined by co-star and actress Lee Da Hae, who stopped by to reveal her thoughts on the popular reality show.

Lee Dong Wook opened up the discussion by saying, “You should appear on ‘Roommate,'” to which Lee Da Hae replied, “I heard there are a lot of women and people develop feelings for each other,” expressing her jealousy over the show’s female cast.

Finally, the actress expressed her protective nature over Lee Dong Wook, saying, “Do you think it is easy to get rid of me?” causing the actor to burst in laughter over her dramatic reaction.

Later on in the episode, Jo Se Ho visited the final gathering of “Hotel King” cast and their acquaintances, showing his support for Lee Dong Wook.