After School’s Nana Decides to Draw the Line with “Roommate” Cast Member Jo Se Ho

After School/Orange Caramel member Nana revealed that she needs to draw the line in her relationship with comedian Jo Se Ho.

The August 17 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Roommate” showed the cast members’ trips to Taiwan and Japan in celebration of 100 days of living together in the “Roommate” home.

In this particular episode, cameras displayed Nana and Jo Se Ho completing some stretching exercises together before going to sleep. It appears that the friendship between the two cast members has gotten even closer through their trip to Taiwan, causing viewers’ expectations of a new couple to increase.

During one of Nana’s individual interviews, producers asked Nana, “Are you two going to get married at this rate?” After hearing this, she was completely surprised and jokingly stated, “My mom might become shocked [if she hears that].”

Nana continued to explain: “I think I’ve been too accepting of Se Ho oppa these days. Now I feel like I need to draw the line a little so that oppa doesn’t go any further.”
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