ZE:A’s Kwanghee Makes Cameo Appearance as Medicine Dealer on “What’s With This Family”

Kwanghee of male group ZE:A surprised the viewers of KBS 2TV’s “What’s With This Family” by making an unexpected cameo appearance on the drama’s latest episode that aired on August 17.

In the episode, Dal Bong (ZE:A’s Hyungsik) took the subway to Seoul Station with Seo Wool (Nam Ji Hyun). Seeing an inconsiderate man spread his legs across Seo Wool’s seat, Dal Bong made her switch seats with him, revealing his warm feelings towards the young woman.

Soon after, Kwanghee entered the subway car as a medicine dealer, wearing a clean suit and carrying a massive bag. To cure modern-day office workers’ concerns regarding tiredness and poor physical strength, the salesman took out bottles filled with medicine and begun handing them out to the citizens, trying to catch the passengers’ attention with his energetic voice. 

Looking particularly annoyed, Dal Bong stopped Kwanghee for a moment and reached for his bag. Turned out that both men are the victims of the same multilevel marketing company, and Dal Bong took out a bottle of the same medicine while smiling sarcastically.

Kwanghee said to Dal Bong, “Look, this area has been mine for a month. Go somewhere else,” and grabbed a few bottles of the medicine from his newly discovered competitor’s bag before moving on to the next car.

Take a look at the hilarious scene here!