A Pink Uploads Surprise Eunji Birthday Video Message

A Pink members Chorong, Bomi, Naeun, Namjo,o and Hayoung have uploaded a special edition of “A Pink Mini Diary” to YouTube to celebrate bandmate Eunji’s birthday. The five girls take it in turns to wish Eunji a happy day.

The members first sing “Happy Birthday.” They then tell Eunji that the video is intended as a surprise and say, “Don’t cry when you watch this!” and then, later, a few of them tell the star, “I love you the most!”


Earlier in the day, a photo was uploaded to the girl group’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, along with the caption, “August 18 2014 is A Pink’s main vocalist Miss Eunji’s birthday! Everybody please congratulate the multi-talented Eunji on her birthday.”

It has been a busy few days for celebrations for the group, with Bomi also celebrating with a birthday video last week.