KARA’s Leader Gyuri Continuously Praises New Member Youngji

KARA’s Park Gyuri praised the newest member of the girl group Huh Youngji at the “DAY 7 NIGHT” showcase and press conference.

Following her praise of Youngji, the leader of the group continued, “She is so bright and cute. I felt that she had good manners and gets along great with us. When Youngji gets hurt during practice, she doesn’t show it and does all her best. She has a lot of patience.” 

KARA made their comeback after its former members Nicole and Kang Ji Young stepped out earlier this year. With just four members, their new comeback song is “Mamma Mia” from their mini-album “DAY & NIGHT.” Other songs include “LIVE,” “So Good,” “Melancholy (24/7),” “Red Fire,” and “Story.”

Produced by the famous Duble Sidekick, Mamma Mia is a powerful song with upbeat sounds.

new comeback for KARA