Park Min Woo on His Image on “Roommate”: “I Want to Show the Real Me”

Actor Park Min Woo has opened up about appearing on SBS’ reality show “Roommate” and revealing a more intimate side of himself to the viewers.

During a recent interview, the star talked about his decision to join the show, “When I first heard that ‘Roommate’ is a reality show that shows people’s real personalities while living in a shared house, I was touched by the concept. Showing your real side without having a script felt strange at first, but I wanted to try it out, so I decided to join the cast.”

“When I first came to Seoul, I lived together with two to three people, which made me consider others’ opinions a lot. I started to think that living alone is much more comfortable, so since then, I have been living alone. It has been six to seven years [since I moved out]. Living with so many people [on ‘Roommate’] is a first for me,” he continued, sharing that living with a house full of roommates is a new experience for him.

When asked if any particular female member has caught his eye, Park Min Woo explained, “The cast of ‘Roommate’ is a family. It is difficult to see family members as potential girlfriends. Rather than considering someone close to my ideal type, everyone is like family to me.”

Regarding his image and taking care of it, the star said, “I have always thought that showing the real me instead of acting is important, even though it can be uncomfortable to watch. Instead of taking care of my image, I wanted to show a side of myself that my fans will enjoy, and that will help me grow as a actor.”