Government After Tax Evaders Including Top Actress “S,” Netizens Speculate Actress To Be Shin Min Ah, Son Ye Jin, or Song Hye Gyo

The names of actresses Shin Min Ah, Son Ye Jin, and Song Hye Gyo are being thrown in by netizens in the tax evasion issue that is being pursued by the government with an actress whose last name starts with the letter “S.”

According to the National Tax Service and the Board of Audit and Inspection on August 18, investigations made by the Seoul Regional National Tax Service in 2012 revealed that for three years since 2009, top actress “S” has not provided any documentation for 92.3 percent of her declared 5.9 billion won (approximately US 5.8 million dollars) general income tax and listed the undocumented expenses as transportation costs and other spending totaling to 5.4 billion won (approximately 5.4 million US dollars).

According to the Seoul Regional National Tax Service, “S” has under declared her tax by 785 million won (approximately USD770,000) in 2009, 818 million won (approximately USD803,000) in 2010, and 954 million won (approximately USD937,000) in 2011, totaling to 2.55 billion won. It was known that following the investigations of the Seoul Regional National Tax Service, actress “S” paid the relevant amount of money and additional tax.

After hearing reports of top actress “S,” netizens were abuzz on who the actress could be and names of actresses Son Ye Jin, Shin Min Ah, and Song Hye Gyo were brought up.

The stars’ agencies have made their statements to clarify the actresses’ names. Son Ye Jin’s agency said to TV Daily, “It’s truly groundless. We haven’t even increased (Son Ye Jin’s) earnings to as much as what was revealed.” Shin Min Ah’s agency also made its statement, “It’s true that we have come to know about this just recently. We do not have anything to do with this.”

Another agency has also shed some light to the issue and said, “It is unfair to doubt any actress with the initial “S” just because she bears the same initial. It seems that the amount cannot made only with earnings made locally. Even if (the actress in question) does a lot of shoots and advertisements, it’s not an amount that can easily be earned.”

With denials from the camps of Shin Min Ah and Son Ye Jin, people speculate that actress Song Hye Gyo is the actress in question.

Previously, Jang Geun Suk and Rain were among the celebrities who were also rumored to have been investigated for tax evasion. The two actors’ parties have denied the allegations.

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