YG Celebrates BIGBANG’s Eighth Anniversary

YG Entertainment posted an image to celebrate their boy group BIGBANG‘s eighth anniversary to the official YG Family website and Facebook on August 19. 

The black and white image shows the five-member boy group on a billboard, with the text “8th Anniversary” running at the top of the image.

BIGBANG debuted on August 19, 2006 at YG Family’s 10th Year Concert held in Seoul Olympic Park. They had their television debut on September 23 of 2006.

In the last eight years since debut, the group has had immense success in both their home country and abroad, with multiple number one singles and sold-out concerts. Each member has also excelled in their solo endeavors, in both music and film. 

Congratulations to BIGBANG for their successful eight years! 

big bang 8th anniversary