Song Hye Gyo’s Representation Releases Official Statement of Apology Regarding Tax Evasion

Following recent reports concerning the tax evasion of a certain actress “S,” actress Song Hye Gyo has come forward, releasing an official statement of apology.

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The statement was released on August 19 through her legal representation, The Firm, which stated, “We apologize for the late statement; it took some time in gathering the necessary information, as this is an issue from two years ago.”

“Until she [Song Hye Gyo] received word from the National Tax Service, she was not aware of the repeated, inadequate attempts at notification made by the tax officer. On average, the income rate on a celebrity’s annual earnings is about 56.1 percent, but due to tax investigation and the mistake of the tax officer handling Song Hye Gyo’s tax report, she ended up paying close to twice the normal amount.”

“The accounting firm in question, firm ‘T,’ who incurred a great loss on a client through its negligence and inability to properly direct its employees, is, as we know it, currently being referred to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance for disciplinary procedures. Immediately following the tax investigation, Song Hye Gyo has withdrawn from the firm, and is planning on taking appropriate legal action against tax accountant in charge and the accounting firm.”

The Firm continued, “While a portion of the work was referred to the tax accountant, we are aware that in the end, the responsibility lies on the taxpayer. We sincerely apologize.”

“Song Hye Gyo has paid all original as well as additional taxes concerning the tax investigation from two years ago. However, she is still deeply reflecting on her mistakes. In the future, she will take care not to let the same thing happen again, and we ask for your understanding. Once again, we sincerely apologize.”

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