New Stills of Lee Je Hoon on Horseback in “Secret Door” Released

New stills from the shooting of Lee Je Hoon‘s upcoming drama “Secret Door” have been released. 

In the stills, Lee Je Hoon is on horseback, riding a white horse, in his traditional royal garbs. He had to spend four hours on horseback to shoot this scene. 

Lee Je Hoon, who recently completed his mandatory military service, will portray the Crowned Prince Lee Sun in the mystery historical drama “Secret Door.” The drama will depict the conflict between Prince Lee Sun, who believes in equality for all, and his father King Yeongjo (played by Han Suk Kyu), who wants to strengthen the power of the throne. 

“Secret Door” will start airing on SBS on September 22, after the completion of the currently airing drama “Temptation.” 

lee je hoon secret door