Shin Se Kyung and Lee Dong Wook Show Great Chemistry at the First “Iron Man” Script Reading

Upcoming drama “Iron Man” held their first script reading recently at the KBS hall with the main cast and writers in presence. 

Despite not being familiar with each other, the two lead actors Shin Se Kyung and Lee Dong Wook showed great chemistry together from the get-go. The supporting cast, consisting of actors like Shin Seung Hwan, Jung Jin, and Jung Yoo Geun, also showed an impressive understanding of their characters, heightening the expectation for the upcoming drama.

“Iron Man” is a fantasy melodrama about a cold and hurt man with supernatural powers, played by Lee Dong Wook, and a caring woman who tries to heal him, portrayed by Shin Se Kyung. 

The drama will start airing in September after the completion of the currently airing “The Joseon Gunman.” 

iron man script