f(x) Victoria Clarifies Her Supposed Weibo Post About Sulli

For the first time, it seemed that f(x) leader Victoria has voiced her thoughts on the controversial relationship of her group mate Sulli with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza.

On August 19, Nate News reported about Victoria who is said to have talked about Sulli on her personal Weibo page. “She’s okay. Please don’t worry. She has people who will buy her a blanket when she’s cold, food when she’s hungry, and will wait for her under the rain. So romantic. People should feel envious,” said Victoria’s post.

The post was made hours after both SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture, Sulli and Choiza’s respective agencies, have confirmed the relationship of the two singers following another report of a media outlet that exposed the two celebrities while on a date.

Although Victoria didn’t mention Sulli’s name outright, netizens assumed that Victoria refers to Sulli as well as Choiza, who is known to be very thoughtful, in her post. 

However, while most Korean media sites have picked up the story as Victoria sending her message to Sulli because the former has talked about a certain “she,” it was later known that the “she” that was being referred to by Victoria was actually herself. 

Victoria, who sometimes refers to herself in the third person and calls herself by her real name, “Song Qian,” followed up on her initial post on Weibo by clarifying, “I will take care of Song Qian” and “Thank you for your blanket. You let Song Qian sleep warmly.” It was known that her fans sent the singer a blanket because she had to sleep in a chair outside the night before. The f(x) leader wanted to express her gratitude for her fans who touched her with their warmth and kindness. 

Meanwhile, Sulli has taken a break from her entertainment activities including her commitments with f(x). Also, rumors of the group’s disbandment has been denied and refuted as “groundless” and “untrue” by SM Entertainment.

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