g.o.d Wants To Be a Comforting Music god For Their Fans

With the legendary group g.o.d’s latest comeback, the boys posed for the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan and talked a lot about their album and about themselves.

During the interview, they said, “Through this album, we thought we could comfort our fans.”

They continued, “We focused on how we will deliver our message to the people through our music. Like our name g.o.d, we wanted to become a little music god, and comfort as well as give hope to the people through our music. That’s what we try to do. For us, we can’t really team up together as g.o.d as often as we would like to but once we do, we’re so comfortable and happy with thoughts of past memories that it feels like going back to one’s native land.”

Along with the interview, the group reportedly had lots of fun shooting for the pictorial and despite the years, they have not stopped having endless fun with each other.

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