BTS Talks About Rivalry with WINNER and Initial Thoughts on Title Track “Danger”

Male group BTS, who are about to make their comeback with their highly anticipated first full-length album, recently talked about their initial impressions on their title track “Danger” and responded to questions about a possible rivalry between them and YG Entertainment’s new male group WINNER.

On August 19, BTS held their comeback showcase at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Hannam-dong, Seoul, to gear up for the release of their new album, which is scheduled to drop on August 20. 

When asked to comment on their new title track, Jungkook revealed, “When we first received the beat of ‘Danger,’ it felt like nothing special.”

“However, after adding the rap and vocals, it turned out fine,” he added, explaining that the song composed by hit producer Bang Shi Hyuk needed some work before making the cut.

In regards to the differences between BTS and WINNER, Rap Monster commented, “Even before their debut, WINNER received a lot of attention, and being under YG Entertainment never hurts. Us, however, had no buzz around our debut, and I believe we have built our way up. I think that we will be able to pave our way to the top if we stay true to our roots.”

“WINNER and us have different styles of music. WINNER debuted with lyrical R&B music, but I think we are different. I believe a darker and wilder image will attract people,” he continued, revealing his trust in BTS’ current style.

Suga revealed his thoughts on the topic, saying, “Our styles are different. We do music with strong hip hop influence. However, I do hope that being influenced by each other will lead to a friendly competition [between WINNER and BTS].

Stay tuned for the release of BTS’ new album!

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