Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna Reclaims “CF Queen” Title, Becomes Top Favored Endorser for July

The “Queen of Figure Skating” Kim Yuna becomes a “CF Queen” once again as she climbed up to the number one spot of the most favored celebrity endorsers for the month of July.

According to the Advertising Information Center of the Korea Advertisers Association, the celebrity athlete has reclaimed the top spot she held in January when she gained a favorable rating of 14.93%, putting her in the first place ahead of top Hallyu star Jun Ji Hyun who has held the top spot for the last five months.

The “Man from the Stars” actress, Jun Ji Hyun, switched positions with Kim Yuna and slid to second place with 11.04% while the “nation’s first love” miss A’s Suzy maintains the number three spot she has held last month with a 6.91% rating.

“Kim Yuna’s favorability has moved up again after she appeared in many advertisements after the Winter Olympics,” advertising representative explained how the figure skating queen was able to snatch back the number one spot from Jun Ji Hyun who has held the top spot for over a quarter of the year.

While the ladies took the top three spots, the gents followed in the fourth, fifth, and sixth place. Lee Seung Gi maintained his fourth place rank with 3.99%, Hyun Bin was at fifth place with 3.35%, and Jun Ji Hyun’s “Man from the Star” co-actor, Kim Soo Hyun, was at sixth place with 3.32%.

Kim Tae Hee was at seventh place with 3.09% while Yoo Jae Suk was at eighth place with 2.87%. Kim Bo Sung followed at the ninth spot with 2.61% while Won Bin was at the tenth spot with 2.37%.

Kim Yuna, Jun Ji Hyun, Suzy