Jung Hye Young and Sean Celebrate Their 10-Year Anniversary with ELLE

On August 20, the ever so happy couple actress Jung Hye Young and JinuSean‘s Sean were featured in Elle magazine’s “Elle Bride” wedding pictorial along with their four children Ha Eum, Ha Rang, Ha Yul, and Ha El. This was Korea’s very first “Elle Bride” wedding pictorial, as well as the couple’s 10-year anniversary, making the pictorial that much more special.

In the pictorial interview Jung Hye Young expressed, “I began to reminisce about my wedding day from 10 years ago as I awaited my 10-year anniversary photo shoot. Even after 10 years, I am lucky to say that I am still in love with my husband. It is a blessing and I am truly thankful.” When asked about being a parent to four children she said,”Instead of focusing on making each individual child happy, we focus on making a happy environment where all the children can equally thrive. We are very affectionate with our children. This morning, as we woke them up, we told them ‘blessed, I love you!'”

Jung Hye Young wore designer dresses from Carrie Bridal by Vera Wang VintageReehue, and Souhait de Blanc by Atelier Aimee – with designer line accessories from Carrie Bridal and Tiffany & co. Sean wore designer suits from Gucci and Cymbidium, and wore shoes from Gucci and Converse. Their children wore outfits from Carrie Bridal by David’s Bridal, Dearb, and Jordan.

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