YoonA Shows Off Her Captivating Sexiness in W Photoshoot

On August 20, Girls Generation YoonA’s pictorial in W magazine was revealed. In the released photos, YoonA can be seen transforming from the usual innocent and graceful young girl into a sexy, mature woman of autumn. With her darker smoky makeup and the naturally flowing hairstyle, she captivates fans with her alluring expressions, which are seemingly indifferent yet very chic.

2014.08.20_yoona W collage

What garnered the most attention, however, was her photo with her crop top that showed her stomach, which had perfect—and highly coveted—“11 abs.”

2014.08.20_yoona W 3&4

Meanwhile, Girls Generation successfully completed their performances in the “SM Town Live World Tour Concert 2014” that began this past August 15. What do you guys think? Innocent and graceful or sexy and mature?

2014.08.20_yoona W 1