Orange Caramel Releases Dance Version of “My Copycat” MV

If you’re among those who like dancing along to Orange Caramel‘s catchy and cute songs, then you’re in for a treat!

On August 20, Orange Caramel’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, has released the dance version of the music video for the group’s latest single, “My Copycat.”

In the dance version of the music video for “My Copycat,” the three ladies of Orange Caramel–Raina, Lizzy, and Nana–were adorable as they pranced and danced in their cute “show girl outfits” and hot pink feather hats in long video cuts that can otherwise be seen interlaced with other scenes in the official music video.

As the chorus of the song goes “Try to do as I do,” this dance version of Orange Caramel’s music video will really make it easier for everyone to dance like they do as it shows all of the dance steps and formations that the ladies do throughout the song.

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel will be making their debut performance for “My Copycat” on KBS2’s “Music Bank” this Friday, August 22.