Actor Kim Woo Bin and Comedian Lee Gook Joo Pair Up for a Comical CF

A brand new CF (commercial film) featuring actor Kim Woo Bin and comedian Lee Gook Joo was recently revealed.

On August 20, a video clip taken from the commercial filming set was uploaded to the YouTube channel of food company Korea Yakult, with the description, “Eat right away~ The behind-the-scenes video of the meeting between ‘hororok’ trend Lee Gook Joo and Kim Woo Bin!”

In the released video, you can see a pleasant encounter of Kim Woo Bin and a female model, which is interrupted upon the entrance of Lee Gook Joo, as she transforms the atmosphere in a comical way. The CF is currently gaining attention for the use of the comedian’s popular catch phrase “hororok,” an expression meant to sound like sipping/slurping, which is fitting for the yogurt product.

Check out the CF clip below!
kim woo bin lee gook joo