Kim Yuna Talks about Her Life after Retirement

“Figure Skating Queen” Kim Yuna opened up about her life after retirement from the figure skating world, in an interview with the fashion magazine Elle Korea.

During the interview, she said, “since I’m not practicing, I’m not hurting anywhere and mentally I’m much more at ease. I don’t have the job, so I’m not stressed and there’s no pressure on me anymore.”

She seemed very content with her life after retirement. When asked about shopping, she happily said, “I used to put down clothes because I never had any use for them. Now I just buy clothes when I like them. When I buy something, I think, ‘one day I’ll have an occasion for it.'” She added that recently, she has been staying up late at night marathoning romantic comedy dramas. She also admitted to still not knowing her alcohol tolerance, saying, “I haven’t drunken to get drunk yet. I know that my face doesn’t get red. People tell me that I’m probably a heavyweight. I’ve only had beer so far, but I don’t get why people like it. I don’t think I know the taste of alcohol just yet.”

Kim Yuna’s last competition before retiring was at the Sochi Olympics. Currently, she is planning on attending grad school in the fall. She wishes to get her driving license before then.

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