Bae Doo Na Looks Chic in Louis Vuitton from Head to Toe for Cosmopolitan

In the star interview for the September issue, actress Bae Doo Na updated Cosmopolitan magazine on her current activities as a Hollywood actress. She opened up about her struggle with a creative slump four years ago, and how she has now come as far as successfully making it as a Korean actress in the Hollywood industry.

Bae Doo Na made her outstanding Hollywood debut in the The Wachowskis’ movie “Cloud Atlas” as the character Sonmi-451, a brave clone in a futuristic dystopian society. The Wachowskis are famously known for their directing “The Matrix” trilogy, “V for Vendetta,” “Speed Racer,” and most recently “Cloud Atlas” – just to name a few.

Bae Doo Na has been working closely with The Wachowskis directors, and will be featuring in their upcoming movie, “Jupiter Ascending,” where she will be punked out in electric blue hair. “Jupiter Ascending” is an epic space opera film that is scheduled to hit the box office in 2015.

In the fashion pictorial for the Cosmopolitan magazine, Bae Doo Na is seen entirely fitted from head to toe in Louis Vuitton items. She looks effortlessly ultra chic and blends in naturally within the London setting.

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