Lee Hi Stares Intently at Akdong Musician Lee Soo Hyun

YG Entertainment artist Lee Hi posted a photo on her Instagram on August 20 with fellow YG singer Lee Soo Hyun of Akdong Musician. The photo was posted with the message, “Staring silently.”

The photo shows the singer posing amiably with Lee Soo Hyun. The Akdong Musician member is making a peace sign with her hand while Lee Hi has her arm wrapped around Lee Soo Hyun’s waist. Lee Hi stares at Lee Soo Hyun’s face instead of the camera, showing her quirky yet endearing sense of humor.

In related news, Lee Hi, Lee Soo Hyun, and other YG singers performed at “AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014,” which took place on August 15 through 16.

Check out the full photo of the two adorable singers below!