11 Reasons You MUST Watch “The Three Musketeers”

We all know the basic premise of the classic story “The Three Musketeers,” right? So why exactly do we need to watch the latest re-hash of the classic – this time set in Joseon Dynasty?
I’ve got 11 very compelling reasons for you – so just scroll through at your leisure and be convinced.

1. This face.


International star Jung Yong Hwa as a rather dense country boy.

2. This face.


Jung Hae In – nicknamed the “Fake Kim Soo Hyun” at our office. I don’t see the resemblance, I just see attractive.

3. This Face.


From his dry humor to his ahjusshi attractive charm, Lee Jin Wook is perfect for the series.

4. Also this personality.


I mean Yang Dong Geun’s face is… not bad? But more importantly, his character is hilarious.

5. Hilarious comic book effects.


Oh wait, you thought this was a serious series?

6. Crayon Pop.

You bet their classic Bar Bar Bar goes well with traditional instruments and dancing kisaengs!

7. Sassy characters.


Their one-liners make the show.

8. This scene.


Nailed it.

9. This horse.


He’s lived as long as Park Dal Hyang!

10. The underdog hero you can’t help but root for.


He might not be bright, or rich, or prepared for the world – but he’s just so darn lovable!

11. A bonus reason to watch.


No explanation needed.

Since I’m sure you’re wholly convinced now, head on over to the official Soompi thread to find out who’s streaming it in your country!