Puer Kim Drops Teaser Image Ahead Of “Purifier” Comeback

Mystic89, the talent agency that represents solo star Puer Kim, has released a teaser image as the artist gears up for a comeback. The artist is set to make a return to the K-Pop scene with a new release entitled “Purifier,” set to drop sometime in September. The photo was uploaded to the official Mystic89 Twitter page on the morning of August 22.

The post seems to hint that the star is set to undergo a change of image for “Purifier,” however. The singer’s debut single, “Manyo Maash,” released in January this year, had something of a gothic concept, with the singer dressed in dark clothing, heavy make-up, and jet-black hair.

The latest image, however, shows the star with blonde hair, sitting in a wooden room next to a large electric fan. The teaser seems to hint that the comeback theme will see Puer Kim go in a very different direction fashion-wise from her debut release.