Lee Je Hoon Is a Handsome Stud for Singles

On August 20, Singles released a pictorial featuring actor Lee Je Hoon.

This photo shoot celebrated its 10 year anniversary by expressing 10 years’ time with Lee Je Hoon. He conveyed the imperfect boy, the rebellious teen, the 20-year-old youth, the boy who became an adult, the real man in the army, the turning point of the 30s, and the current face that we love… the actor who was gone for two years.

During the interview for the pictorial, Lee Je Hoon shared a humorous story about his first day in the army. “Before I enlisted, I was so focused on my work that I didn’t have time to rest. I was really content in knowing that I did everything that I could do. I slept comfortably the first day, but the next day other people felt uncomfortable around me. It turned out that I was snoring so loudly, everyone else couldn’t sleep. “

The September issue of Singles was released on August 20, featuring Lee Je Hoon’s photo shoot and interview.

See some of the photos below!