Stars Appearing on “Real Men” Female Soldier Special to Reveal Real Weight, Height, and Bare Faces

On the MBC variety program “Real Men’s” female soldier special, the cast members will be revealing their real weight (not just their profile weight), as well as their complete bare faces (no makeup).

According to MBC on August 22, the stars who have taken up the challenge to become female soldiers will unveil how much they weigh, as well as their faces without any makeup, to viewers on the upcoming August 24 broadcast.

The members—Hong Eun Hee, Kim So Yeon, Ra Mi Ran, Girl’s Day Hyeri, G.NA, Park Seung Hee, and Maeng Seung Ji—have all gathered together at a training camp, each with their own individual goals for becoming a female soldier. The very first difficulty the members faced upon entering the camp was measuring their height and weight, which caused them to be completely taken aback by the unexpected task.

Following the physical examination, there were even cases in which the members’ weights turned out to be more than what was stated on their profile. Hyeri jokingly said, “I weighed more due to the weight of the mic,” while actress Kim So Yeon explained, “It’s because I wore too many layers of clothing.”

These female stars’ bare faces, which is usually a rare sight on television, was also revealed for the cameras. You can look forward to the broadcast of the female soldier special of “Real Men” on August 24 at 6:30 PM (KST).
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