Grazia Magazine Releases “Fashion King Korea 2” Cast Pictorial Including  Zico, Sunmi, Kwanghee, and More

Recently, the cast of “Fashion King Korea 2” was featured in a photo spread for Grazia, including Hong Jin Kyung, Jo Se Ho, Kwanghee, Clara, Sunmi, Yoo Jin Seo, Block B’s Zico and P.O, designer Han Sang Hyuk, Go Tae Yong, Kwak Hyun Joo, Song Hae Myung, Choi Bum Suk, Yang Hee Min, and Ro Gun. The celebrities each partnered with a designer, in order to put their unique styles on display.

In an interview at the shoot, Kwanghee revealed that he’s a shopaholic. He said, “I go shopping every chance I get. Before I begin my daily schedule, I go to the department store. The more expensive the product is the better the quality, but I still purchase products of cheaper brands. Recently, I purchased from Spa Brand pairs of espadrilles in every color, each costing 9000 won. If I like the design, I have to buy them in every color.”fashion king korea

Clara teamed with Choi Bum Suk and revealed her affection for him, saying, “I wanted to be on the TV show ‘We Got Married,’ and it seems like we are in that situation now. He’s like an older brother, a boyfriend, a friend, and an older sister!”

fashion king korea

As for Sunmi, she described that her “taste in fashion leans toward hot pants and red lipsticks.” She said, “Because I am confident with my legs, I tend to wear a lot of hot pants. When it comes to makeup, I aim towards having a natural look with red lipstick as a bold statement to create an innocent yet sensual look.”

The “Fashion King Korea” pictorial can be found in Volume 37 of Grazia, which was released on August 20, 2014.


fashion king korea