John Park Announces Mid-September Comeback!

Singer John Park will finally be making a comeback after a little over one year, with the release of a brand new album around the middle of September.

On August 22, a representative of John Park’s agency, Music Farm, revealed, “[John Park] recently completed recording a number of his songs and is currently making adjustments to the comeback release schedule. He will be able to show a new side of ‘John Park’ through his music.”

The singer’s upcoming single titled “U,” is a song with a soul-based UK pop style. It is a song of quality that will bring out his bass range voice and a more developed expression of emotions.

In February of 2012, John Park released an EP album titled “Knock,” followed by his first full-length album “Inner Child,” which was released last year in July.

Are you excited to see John Park return to the stage as a singer?
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